EVERYTHING was perfect

“EVERYTHING was perfect.  The icing on the cake was when I went back to the cemetery this morning to put some dirt on my aunt’s grave and the gravedigger (Monty) had already done it.  My entire family was pleased.  Great job people!!!”

He looks as though he’s sleeping.

“Sims family is very pleased.  They said he looks as though he’s sleeping.”
“Porter family is pleased.”
“Thanks. Whatever you did worked for them.”

“The family is so moved.  They said she looks too good for them to cry.  Carlos is walking around saying, I told you all Monty would do it right.”

“They were speechless.”

“The McDuffie family started saying how beautiful she was before they even got to the casket.  Once they were there, they were speechless and said thanks!”

They are still in there singing your praises

“The family is so pleased with Mr. Jordan.  They have been here since you left saying thank you.  They are still in there singing your praises, so they are pleased.”


“WOW!!! Who's that?! Excellent job.

“WOW!!! I walked in the chapel this morning and this is what I said, ‘Who’s that?!’ Excellent job.”
"One of the sons of Mr. Edwards wanted you to know what an excellent job you did for his father because he was sick. He said he would rather remember his father like he is now."

“Thank God for your gift!!!

“Thank you again.  My friend’s mom is here now and she is satisfied.”
“You have put us back on a level we were slowly slipping off of. Thank God for your gift!!!  And thank you for being a willing vessel!!!”

Quotes from Licensed Funeral Directors